Tax & Accounting Blog Posts

by Nidia Skokanic, EA

After reading my blogs. I’d like you to walk away feeling empowered and more knowledgeable about complex tax & accounting topics that impact your everyday business and personal lives.

You should feel confident that you are running your personal and business tax expectations in the most optimal of ways. Choosing who you align yourself with and selecting a competent tax professional who knows the rules can put you at an advantage over your competitors and avoid future headaches.

Employee vs Contractor

In this gig economy, a business owner needs to be knowledgeable about the proper classification of employee vs contractor. Many businesses would rather pay a service provider as a contractor due to the costs associated with hiring employees, i.e. payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, employee benefits, filing requirements. Geez, employees can

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What is an S Corporation?

After many years of experience, I’ve learned that CPA’s and Clients alike are just as confused about what exactly is an S Corporation, so I decided to shed some light on the topic considering there is so much conflicting and erroneous information online. The fact that there are so many

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